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Most people put some kind of sexy and titillating introduction about their site here. I don't have one I'm afraid. But feel free to guffaw at my blog posts or swoon at my BREATHTAKINGLY ELEGANT software projects. I am certain that by the time you leave, you will agree that I truly am a genius.

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  • asynca library for calling functions and functors asynchronously
  • blaha tiny and flexible C++ logging library
  • cocoan implementation of the boost threads API that uses user-space threads
  • dbghigh-level asserts, x86/x64 call frame collection, symbol lookup, exception tracebacks, etc.
  • embda tool to embed files inside C++ code
  • fungocatch, store and re-throw exceptions in the absense of std::exception_ptr
  • jpegxxA library for reading and writing JPEG encoded images
  • nanohookA library for runtime API hooking of Windows functions
  • opqitan opaque iterators library
  • pexla library for launching processes and interacting with their standard streams
  • pngxxA library for reading and writing PNG images
  • sigfwdconnect Qt signals to regular C++ functions and functors, no moc-ing required
  • slamA simple build system for C++ projects
  • stack_traceobtain a stack trace programatically in C++ code (deprecated, use dbg instead)
  • test-o-maticA tiny (~500 loc), flexible and extensible library for writing unit tests in C++
  • value_ptra smart pointer that gives polymorphic hierarchies value semantics